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Windows Media Player Tray Control 9.0

Windows Media Player Tray Control is an application that works from the tray
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Windows Media Player Tray Control is an application that works from the tray. It has come bundled with Windows Media Player for the last 2 or 3 years and gives the popular media player some extra usability. I think it is safe to assume that we have all used our computers to listen to songs or watch video at least once. And the chances are high that you were annoyed by having to go to the main window simply to pause the movie you were watching or go to the next song. I guess the developers of Media Player suffered that too. That is why they introduced this little application. Basically, this application remains dormant until you activate (use) it. When you do hit the Tray Mode button, the whole Windows Media Player will disappear, but worry not, a nice, compact and neat player will appear on the start bar, a.k.a the tray area. There, you will be able to do everything you can do with any file: pause, play, rewind, fast forward, volume up and down; those are all there. In the last versions of Windows Media Player, you can even view the video on a small window that is located exactly above the control, which is great for when you want to peek at video while doing something else.

José Fernández
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  • It keeps Windows Media Player's big window on the background while giving you a nice, little player to work with


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